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Peer2Peer Computer Literacy Project

Bridging the Technological Divide...Together



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Summer 2006

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Our Mission

Throughout the globe, young people, through no fault of their own or their communities, are born into educational systems that put them at a glaring disadvantage when compared to their peers in the industrialized regions of the world. The technological revolution that for the past twenty years has endeavored to provide every American student with some access to a personal computer has for the most part eluded most primary, secondary, and university students in developing countries.


It is projected that the digital canyon that exists between some developing countries and their Western counterparts will never be crossed in our lifetimes. In fact, it will take about 200 years for these countries to reach the technological heights that America has attained at this present day; that is, almost four generations of young people will succumb to the disease of computer illiteracy. However, we of the Peer-to-Peer Computer Literacy believe that the task of building the bridge that will connect students in developing countries to the Information Superhighway rests in the hands of young people who have access to information and computer technology.


The Peer-to-Peer Computer Literacy Project is an attempt to initiate building this bridge one brick at a time through the involvement of students from the United States, who pledge part of their summer vacation to the teaching of various computer skills to their peers abroad.

In its inaugural year, 2003, the Peer-to-Peer Computer Project was able to accomplish this goal by sending three young people, Nobi Nwangwu, Uchenna Nwachuku, and Nneoma Nwachuku, to setup a computer lab at a secondary school in Umuahia, Nigeria. Being secondary school students themselves, they fulfilled the mission of the Project through peer-to-peer instruction of basic computer skills and setting the first of many bricks that will bridge the technological divide that exists between the developing and developed worlds.


This year we are looking for more young people to answer this calling.  This website offers ideas on ways you can participate in bridging the gap.


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Did you know?

Industrialized countries are home to 88% of all internet users, yet make up only 15% of the world's population.

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